January 18th, 2010


Looking for an insane deal on a pre-owned scooter? We just reduced the price on a practically new 2009 Piaggio FLY 150 from $2,400 to only $2,000 plus tax, title, license. The Piaggio (parent company of Vespa) FLY 150 is an outstanding scooter at a incredible value offering the same CVT automatic transmission and the same engine found in the Vespa LX 150 which happens to have both the highest resale of any scooter on the market and the highest consumer report ratings of any scooter on the market.

A new 2009 Piaggio Fly 150 retails for $3,149

The Kelly Blue Book retail value of a pre-owned Piaggio Fly 150 is $2,450

Our 2009 FLY 150 comes with a factory windscreen that has a retail value of $200

Buy our 2009 Piaggio Fly 150 with only 450 miles right now for only $2,000 plus tax title license

2009 Piaggio FLY 150, 417 Miles, 4-Stroke, Single Cylinder 150cc engine, travels at speeds up to 65 mph, get up to 80 miles per gallon, 1.9 gallon fuel tank, 30.9″ seat height, twist-and-go automatic, electric starter, Fly Screen Included ($182 value), only $2,000 plus tax!

Vespa Lexington 198 Moore Dr. Suite 102 Lexington Kentucky 40503 info@vespalexington.com 859.523.8555


  • Do you deliver to Washington DC?

  • Question,
    Does anyone have an idea or way to make the kick stand on my Fly 150 easier to use. I go to the gym 5 days a week, but I have a killer time usung this thing. I stand on it, all my weight, there has to be something wrong, but the dealer says no. so any ideas are greatly appreciated.

  • make sure the front wheel is straight aligned with rear wheel. stand in middle of left side – grasp rear seat bar on left side with right hand – grasp handle bar grip on left side – with left hand – lean bike slightly toward you for balance – place center of right foot on stand bar and pull and lean toward rear of bike while pushing down on stand. wear shoes with thick soles….practice will make perfect.

  • I got a San Diego store to ship me a custom sidestand ($75) and it was easy peasy to install on my fly 150. I would really recommend doing the same – I couldn’t deal with the centerstand on a regular basis.

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