November 6th, 2008

About Vespa Lexington

Welcome to the website/blog for Vespa lexington.

Vespa Lexington is central Kentucky’s newest authorized Vespa / Piaggio scooter dealer offering sales, service, parts, accessories, clothing and more. In addition to offering Vespa and Piaggio scooters we also carry SYM scooters.

We are very excited to offer Lexington the Piaggio / Vespa brand scooters. We chose to offer these brands for one simple reason, they are the best! Manufactured in Italy, Vespa/Piaggio are of the very highest quality and offer unparalleled design and styling. The company has a rich history in manufacturing scooters, and has become the most iconic brand of scooters in the world.

If your in the market for a new scooter please stop by Vespa Lexington to have a look at the best. I think you will find our selection quite affordable, have the best ride, and hands down offer the best styling.

We are located at

198 Moore Drive Suite 102

Lexington KY 40503



Tues-Wed 10-6
Thurs-Fri 10-6
Sat 10-6
Sunday Closed & Monday

We know your busy and we want to sell you a scooter, if you need us to come in early, stay late or even come in on Sunday we will be more than happy to assist you. Please just give us a little advance notice by either calling or emailing us and we will make sure to be here!

“Onboard a Vespa, life never passes you by.  Instead, it serves notice to pay closer attention.  New sights, sounds and smells all rev up your senses and the spirit of freedom, fun and adventure is suddenly in abundant supply.  With the simple twist of a throttle, you’re on your way to experiencing everything around you with heightened awareness and a fresh perspective.  And, Vespa makes it all so easy, inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

With an automatic twist n’ go transmission, upright riding position and the security of Vespa’s unique steel frame, you can focus on the thrill and adventure of the ride.  An exceptional average fuel economy of 70 mpg means you’ll dip into your wallet far less frequently than even public transportation users…an average of just $8 fills up your tank.  And, the clean-running Vespa four-stroke engine gets you there with minimal emissions.  Parking? It’s never been easier, thanks to Vespa’s unintrusive footprint.  Let others hog an entire parking space – you’ll invite six fellow Vespa riders to share that same space with you.  And while everyone’s spinning their wheels talking about future solutions, you’re reducing energy consumption, environmental pollution and traffic congestion right now. Now that’s easy.”